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         [01] - Slave
         [02] - Faith Denied
         [03] - Everything
         [04] - Salvation
         [05] - Awake
         [06] - Luck Runs Out
           Heaven Shattered
         [07] - Part I : Hope
         [08] - Part II : Truth

InBalance - Perspectives
Release date : July 1st, 2013

Visit www.inbalancemusic.ca for lyrics & more.

Written, performed, programmed, recorded and arranged by Simon Desrochers at Karmapalooza Studios, Montreal.

Mixed by Patrick Goyette at Planet Studios, Montreal.

Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Mastering.

Special thanks to :

Jean-Michel Menard for his help bringing the songs to life.

Patrick Goyette for giving himself so generously to the project.

Martin Soucy for his help writing the bass lines.

THANK YOU, if you are reading this, for being part of this Dream


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