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         [01] - Collapsing Horizons
         [02] - Reflections
         [03] - Smokelife
         [04] - Lighthouse
         [05] - Discovery
         [06] - The Summit
         [07] - Over The Clouds
         [08] - Flowers of Winter
           Heaven Shattered
         [09] - Part III : Destiny

InBalance - Collapsing Horizons
Release date : May 10th, 2019

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Written, performed, programmed, recorded and arranged by Simon Desrochers at Karmapalooza Studios, Quebec City, Canada

Except : live Didgeridoo played by David Ciloglu and additional vocals by Patrick Goyette / Hymnosis

Artwork by Simon Desrochers

Mixed by Patrick Goyette at Planet Studios, Montreal

Recording engineer & editing by Jean-Michel Menard at Karmapalooza Studios

Mastered by Richard Addison at Trillium Sound Mastering

Special thanks to :

My beloved MP and my two boys R & B for their understanding of the task such a project represents and allowing me to dedicate time to complete it ...And also for pushing me right back into it when I needed it!

THANK YOU, if you are reading this for supporting independant & local music. It is important that we socially put a value to music. It is crucial so that we ensure the survival of the art and encourage new generations to carry on knowing they can make a living of it. We need to see and describe it as an investment in the future quality and diversity of the music we'll listen to.

So if music is important in your life, please keep it alive by supporting & buying as direct as you can from the artists.


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